Arbitration War Stories: What They Don't Teach you at Law School
Wednesday, 26 September 2018




ICDR Young & International is organizing an event on “Arbitration War Stories: What they don’t teach you at Law School”.

The speakers, using real complex cases in which they have been involved, will address practical issues, such as (i) risking criminal sanction and breach of injunction orders in order to pursue an investment treaty claim (the Belize saga), (ii) enforcing a 50 billion arbitral award annuled by a court in multiple other jurisdictions (the Yukos saga), (iii) facing ethical dilemmas, dishonest witnesses and forged evidence in a complex set of multiple proceedings with politically high stakes (the Uzan saga), and (iv) dealing with an arbitration with two annulment courts that based their jurisdiction on the same arbitration agreement and that issued contradictory decisions (the YPF saga).

This event is free of charge and is sponsored by Lalive.


Lalive, Geneva